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h 08.30 - Registration

h 09.00 - Introduction to the event M. Bonaccorso (Assobiotec)

Keynote Session – Chairs: R. Motterle and L. Gardossi

h 09.20 - Present and future of the bioeconomy in the European Union, E. Balzi (DG Research and Innovation, EU Commission)

h 09.40 - Boosting the industrial biotechnology to boost the European bioeconomy, C. Patermann (German Bioeconomy Council)

h 10.00 - Recent successes of and obstacles to enzyme processes on industrial scale, A. Bommarius (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA)

Session – AGROFOOD – Chairs: R. Motterle and L. Gardossi

h 10.20 - The role of biotech in supporting and innovating the Italian agro-food value chain, G. Carenzo (PTP Lodi, Italy)

h 10.35 - Industrial sugar and the development of biorefineries, V. Vallini (Eridania Sadam, Italy)

h 10.50 - New European agri-hub for technological transfer: on the way for sustainability and competitivity, C. Gianinazzi (IpadLab, Italy)

h 11.05 - Integrated management system as a competitive solution for the rice industry, P. Abbruscato (PTP Lodi, Italy)

h 11.20 - Coffee Break – Poster Session

Session – ENERGY AND BIOREFINERIES – Chairs: S. Riva and D. Ubiali

h 12.00 - HTL and pyrolysis for biocrude oil production from lignocellulosic biomass for biofuel applications or as chemical intermediates, P. Taddei (Spike Renewables, Italy)

h 12.15 - The Bazancourt-Pomacle biorefinery: the potential of the industrial bioeconomy to replace fossil fuels, P-A. Schieb (NEOMA Business       School, Campus de Reims, France)

h 12.30 - Biogasdoneright: a cold planet with full plates, a sustainable, low cost, reliable and win BECCS solution, F. Sibilla (CIB, Italy)

h 12.45 - Enhancing biogas production from wheat straw through ligninolytic fungi pretreatments and co-digestion with pig slurry, C. Vasmara   (CRA, Italy)

h 13.00 - Networking Lunch – Poster Session

Session - POLICIES ON INDUSTRIAL BIOTECH & BIOECONOMY – Chairs: C. Patermann and M. Bonaccorso

h 14.00 - The importance of partnerships in the world bioeconomy, M. Kircher (CLIB2021, Germany)

h 14.15 - Malaysia’s strategy on bioeconomy, Z. Azmal (Malaysian Biotech Corp, Malaysia)

h 14.30 - Industrial biotechnology and bioeconomy in Austria, B. Nidetzky (ACIB GmbH, Austria)

h 14.45 - A bioeconomy initiative in Czech Republic, E. Cudlinova (University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic) G. Sakellaris (IEM, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)

h 15.00 - Basilicata’s strategy on bioeconomy, R. Liberali (Basilicata Region, Italy)

h 15.15 - Status of bioeconomy in Hungary and insight into Climate-KIC projects, M. Gyalai - Korpos (Pannon Pro Innovation Services Ltd,    Hungary)


Session – ENVIRONMENT – Chairs: G. Speranza and A. Tagliani

h 15.30 - Building with natural materials, is a confirmed revolution that will contribute to improving the environment and the health of people, J. Hempel (Hemp Eco Systems SA, Switzerland)

h 15.45 - Biomaterials from fungi, F. Grati (Mycoplast, Italy)

h 16.00 - Selection of autochthonous and allochthonous fungal strains for the treatment of recalcitrant wastewaters, V. Tigini (University of Turin, Italy)

h 16.15 - Enzyme discovery in the Sphagnum moss microbiome, C. A. Müller (Graz University of Technology, Austria)

h 16.30 - Coffee Break – Poster Session

Session – BIOBASED-CHEMISTRY – Chairs: G. Sannia and F. Fava

h 17.00 - Bioplastics from agricultural wastes, M. Astorri (Bio-On, Italy)

h 17.15 - Novamont’s biorefinery as a model of circular economy, G. Gregori (Novamont, Italy)

h 17.30 - Wood-based biorefinery concepts: opportunities and challenges, C. Huebsch (UPM Biochemicals, Finland)

h 17.45 - The role of wood in the Finnish bioeconomy, J. Kantola (NISCluster, Finland)

h 18.00 - Wastewater as raw material to manufacture high-performance PHA, D. Centrone (Eggplant, Italy)

h 08.30 - Registration

Session – LIFE SCIENCES – Chairs: G. Speranza and G. Carenzo

h 09.15 - Immobilization of lipases with optimal performances for the application in industry, A. Basso (Purolite, UK)

h 09.30 - The Xpansion® Multiplate Bioreactor: a cost effective tool for scaling-up stem cell manufacturing, M. Sanvito (Pall Life Sciences, Italy)

h 09.45 - Bioeconomy in the industry of medicinal plant derivatives, G. Fontana (Indena, Italy)

h 10.00 - Probiotics R&D: from genome sequences to regulatory issues, A. Del Casale (Microbion, Italy)

h 10.10 - New sustainable tools for organic chemistry applications: exploring fungal ene-reductase expression profile, A. Romagnolo (University of        Turin, Italy)

h 10.20 - BioSEArch newco, the first Italian biotech in search for innovative molecules from marine organisms, T. Croci (Consorzio Italbiotec, Italy)

h 10.30 - iSweetch, a new generation of sweeteners, S. Leone (iSweetch, Italy)

h 10.40 - Lombardy: one of the Four Motors for Europe, S. Nigro (Invest in Lombardy Promos, Italy)

h 10.50 - Coffee Break – Poster Session

h 11.10 - Round Table on “Financing The Bioeconomy”

Panelists: R. Weerdmeester (PNO, Belgium), F. Ortega Schlingmann (European Investment Bank, Luxembourg), M. Tellini (Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy).       

Moderator: J. Dupont-Inglis (EuropaBio, Belgium)

h 12.30 - Concluding remarks and announcing IFIB 2016 – G. Speranza (IBC, Italy)


h 12.45 - Networking Lunch


Partecipants can attend the Workshop Industrial Enzyme to be held in Pavia on 22-23 September, 2015.


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